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How to start earning $$$ with Royal Honey !

Hi Ryan,


Login to your Royal Honey affiliate portal from here:


Click on the ASSETS tab to get you personalised custom Royal Honey referral link. 
Assets are here also :


Your sale payout structure: 

How your sale structure works on Royal Honey:  You will receive a 15% commission rate on every sale, for example - if you sell 100 units of Royal Honey that is worth $100 , you will receive a $1500 Commission payout , the higher the amount the higher the commission payout for you  😊


Selling Royal Honey to get your payout !

You will need to share this link with friends/family or on your Social Media pages / chat groups / forum pages and in person(face to face) sale being most effective , and try to complete the sale by promoting Royal Honey (explaining the features and benefits ,


For example: How Royal honey enhances your pleasure and makes you Strong ! ) , you may use graphics with dot points from the Royal Honey website. - Keeping the sales pitch natural , without pushing the the sale pitch on to them usually leads to conversion(sale).


Login to your Royal Honey Tapfiliate portal using the link below using your email / password to:

- Keep track of your sales

- Enter payment methods to setup your Banking details or PayPal to get paid.



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