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Premium White Honey - Floral Foreplay Honey

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Premium White Honey for Him and Her - Floral Foreplay - Taste of Heaven

Use White honey for Foreplay.

Our 100% raw & natural unique white honey is one of the best money can buy and is natively unique to Kyrgyzstan in the Tien-Shan Mountains. This white honey comes from the nectars of wildflowers found only on the high mountain meadows in Kyrgyzstan, making it very rare and precious. 

  • Creamy & an intense floral aroma
  • Nougaty taste with notes of white chocolate
  • Only harvested during the short summer period
  • Harvested in remote and rural areas to maintain purity 
  • A general aphrodisiac honey that can be taken to compliment the effects of Royal Honey Gold or Royal Honey Etumax to enhance everyday immunity and health.
  • immune boosting honey similar to Manuka Honey
  • Energy Boosting. 
  • Use White honey on sensitive parts of the body for foreplay and intimacy. 

Recommended daily intake: Take White Honey daily in replacement of regular sugar intake or sweeteners. 

It is creamy and velvety, with an amazingly complex fruity taste and unique nougaty texture, making it perfect to add to your desserts, cakes, or scones.