Fake Product Notice

Fake Product Notice for Royal Honey.

Unfortunately, we have noticed fake products in the market:

Unfortunately, there are fake Royal Honey products with very similar packaging as the original, but with different ingredients (low quality honey with additives and dangerous ingredients). Counterfeit products have been known to contain dangerous ingredients, such as pesticides, lead, and mercury.

We seek cooperation from wholesalers and our direct retail customers here in Australia to only buy the original product from www.royalhoney.com.au and not to deal with fake product sellers.

At Royal Honey Australia ® we provide the authentic Royal Honey ® direct from the manufacturer Royal Honey ® and Etumax Corporation ® and Other Authentic manufacturers. Please look out for our Royal Honey Australia ® logo here in Australia on all boxes that we sell, which ensures product authenticity and quality testing by the Manufacturer.

Please also beware of the Fake Royal Honey products being sold on Ebay and other sales channels at very low prices. These fake products on Ebay could cause dangerous side-effects.

We are the ONLY official Authorised Distributor in Australia for Royal Honey Products.

Examples of Fake Royal Honey products –

Look out for the Front of the fake Royal Honey:
Authentic Royal Honey
Look out for the Back of the fake Royal Honey:
Authentic Royal Honey

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