5 Benefits Women Will Get from Consuming Royal Honey

Anything appended with the word “royal” sounds glamorous, even exotic—honey is lovely, but “royal honey” sounds like it could be better for you. In a way, that’s true; this variant gets its name from royal jelly, the fodder for Queen bees and their larvae, and it is highly nutritious. 

Pure royal jelly is naturally sharp and has bitter undertones. When fused with honey, it creates an interesting, tart flavour, which does not taste like other variants you can find on the market. In addition, it provides benefits specifically for women—keep reading to learn more!

Royal Honey Increases Collagen Production

This honey is excellent for skin repair—besides containing antibacterial properties that keep wounds free from infections, it promotes collagen production, which enhances tissue regeneration and helps wounds heal. 

Collagen is also known to slow down ageing and keeps skin looking youthful and healthy. This substance is a critical ingredient in skincare products, especially ones that require direct application to the skin.

Royal Honey Prevents Symptoms of Menopause

Often, people use royal honey to treat symptoms related to menopause. When a woman’s regular monthly periods cease, it comes with a slew of hormonal changes. This superfood reduces the amount of hormones circulating in the body, ones directly related to depression, anxiety, body pain, memory loss, and other physical and mental side effects of menopause. 

Royal Honey Improves Sexual Health 

Besides aiding women experiencing menopause, this superfood has long been associated with sexual health. Ancient Egyptian women consumed honey when trying to conceive, and the word “honeymoon” is said to have come from the old practice of making newlyweds take a spoonful of honey to make them more likely to have a baby. 

Royal honey’s high levels of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants prevent damage to the reproductive system and boost fertility. Since it contains plenty of Vitamin B, iron, amino acids, and calcium, it is also thought to improve egg quality.

Royal Honey Improves Immunity

Finally, this type of honey is known to protect from viruses and harmful bacteria. It enhances the natural immune system—royal jelly contains bioactive compounds like HAD, which modulates the body’s innate immune responses. 

What’s more, there is evidence that royal jelly could reduce harmful cholesterol levels and reduce a person’s risk of contracting heart disease. Honey infused with this substance could have a similar effect.

New to Royal Honey? How to Consume It

If you are trying royal jelly honey for the first time, it is advisable to consume small portions and increase the dose accordingly. Beginning with a quarter of a teaspoon on an empty stomach should be suitable for most women. When it has become part of your routine, you can increase the dosage to half a teaspoon or more. 


Royal jelly honey or royal honey has been described as an “acquired taste.” It has properties that play crucial roles in improving the body’s overall wellness. It aids in reducing inflammations, lowering blood pressure, and acts as an antibacterial and antioxidant. It also provides health benefits, especially for women, like alleviating symptoms of menopause and improving their likelihood of conceiving healthy offspring.

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