Ways on How Honey Can Improve a Man’s Health and Appearance

Honey has been proven to have many health benefits, which include its ability to treat acne, prevent cancer, help with allergies, and improve heart health. The healing power of honey is backed by scientific research, and provides good reason to start incorporating honey into your beauty routine.

Traditionally, honey has been used to treat a range of skin conditions, from acne to burns. Applying honey to the skin, can kill bacteria and reduce pain. The hygroscopic quality of honey can also help soothe skin and reduce inflammation.

Because honey is filled with antioxidants and amino acids, it is a great facial cleanser. After applying to the face, honey can help remove excess oils and dirt, while also keeping the skin moisturized. 

Aside from these wonderful benefits of honey, here are some ways that this nature’s gift can improve a man’s health and performance.

Increase Libido and Sexual Desire

Honey is commonly used in folk medicine for its aphrodisiac qualities. Aphrodisiacs increase sexual desire and pleasure and help improve fertility in both men and women.

In ancient Persia, honey was converted into an alcoholic drink called mead (like a fortified wine) and was a customary drink for newlyweds for their first month as couples. Lest, the name honeymoon, was born. It was believed that mead was capable of increasing the couple’s libido so that they will be able to bear children soon.

Regular honey and ginger consumption could improve erectile function in men, regardless of their age or the type of erectile dysfunction they had. This is because honey can increase the level of nitric oxide present in the blood, which is the main chemical responsible for penile erections. 

Honey also contains potent antioxidant properties such as flavonoids that can help reduce oxidative stress, which is one known cause of erectile dysfunction and the reduction of sperm motility required for successful fertilization.

Improve Athletic Performance

Honey is widely used by athletes to improve their performance because of its unique properties. Being a natural antioxidant, honey helps the body fight fatigue during intense physical activity, allowing athletes to play for longer. It can also help speed up the recovery of muscles after a marathon, preventing muscle soreness and reducing swelling.

The high fructose content of honey provides quick energy for working muscles, and the enzymes and amino acids found in honey help promote muscle growth and prevent injuries.

Establish Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Due to its high sugar content, sugar from honey is absorbed much slower than sugar from cane sugar or table sugar, which means that it has a lower glycemic index. A study by researchers from the University of Georgia found that people who consumed honey exhibited lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Prevent Heart Disease and Lower Blood Pressure

According to the National Honey Board, honey contains trace minerals like boron and manganese that can help lower blood pressure. Another study done by the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario found that honey can lower heart disease risk factors.

A teaspoon of honey consumed each day can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels by 5 per cent and increase HDL (good cholesterol) by more than 15 per cent.

Make Your Skin Glowing

Honey is an excellent exfoliant because of its naturally smooth texture and its ability to remove dead skin cells. Honey also contains high levels of vitamin C, which is essential for glowing skin. Adding honey to your beauty routine will help you get rid of acne, psoriasis, and eczema.


For men, there is no reason why you should not appreciate the healing power of honey. By incorporating honey into your diet and beauty routine, you will not only give yourself a boost of energy but also improve your overall physical and sexual health.

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