6 Best Practices in Making Aphrodisiacs More Effective

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are said to increase sexual desire. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. No scientific evidence supports the claim that any particular food or drink is an aphrodisiac.

However, some still believe that taking specific food items can boost their libido and increase their stamina during sex. But since there is no concrete proof yet, there are some things people can do to make aphrodisiacs work. Here are some ideas.

1. Personalize Aphrodisiacs

Personalising aphrodisiacs can make them more effective. It means that people should only consume appealing and visually stimulating items. For example, people usually think of chocolates as an aphrodisiac they can take instantly, waiting for it to do magic.

Meanwhile, some people might find a specific fruit or vegetable sexy, while it might turn others off. However, it depends on the individual’s preferences and what things turn them on. Therefore, find something pleasurable for your liking.

2. Consider Healthy Diets

A healthy diet is a key to maintaining good sexual health. Eating nutritious foods is essential to improve sexual function and overall health. Therefore, a healthy diet can help increase libido and give more energy for sexual activities.

Some foods like avocados, bananas, oysters, almonds, and ginger have aphrodisiac qualities. Consuming these foods can help improve sexual performance. However, don’t forget to eat healthy foods to enhance sexual health.

3. Focus on the Nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the possible causes of sexual dysfunction in men. A lack of nutrients can lead to low libido and erectile dysfunction. Many nutrients can improve sexual health, such as vitamin E, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the genitals. Found in nuts, seeds, and green vegetables, people also dubbed it as the sex vitamin as it promotes longer and harder erections in men.

4. Condition the Mind

A healthy body means a healthy mind, beginning with a healthy and positive mindset. Sexual dysfunction in men can be caused by psychological factors, such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, and low self-esteem.

It is essential to manage psychological problems such as anxiety and depression to overcome sexual dysfunctions. If you have relationship problems or low self-esteem, seek professional help to improve your sexual health.

5. Be Intentional

Sexual health is about more than just your sexual function and sexual activity. Therefore, being intentional about your desires helps in manifesting the results. After all, it is about how you feel about your body, your sexuality, your sexual desires, and sexual interactions.

It is essential to be intentional about your sexual health to create a healthy sexual life for yourself and your partner. Be intentional about your sexual activity so that you are engaged in sexual activity that you enjoy and that is satisfying for you and your partner.

6. Seek Professional Help

Sexual health is a sensitive issue for many people. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional help if you are struggling with your sexual health. Sexual health problems can be challenging to manage on your own, and professional service can be invaluable.

People should consult their healthcare provider if they struggle with a sexual health problem. Healthcare providers can help you identify the cause of your sexual health problem and provide treatment options.


Aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries, with people searching for anything that could give them a little extra boost in the bedroom. While there are many different options on the market, some more effective than others, there are also a few natural aphrodisiacs that you can easily incorporate into your life. However, remember that no concrete evidence proves the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. For now, it’s all about keeping a healthy mind and body to do well in bed.

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