Why Royal Honey thinks you should have sex more often

There are many benefits to having sex more often, and it goes far beyond experiencing pleasure. Getting busy on a regular basis is linked to a variety of physical benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and clearer complexion, as well as emotional perks like reduced stress and a happier mood. Regular sex has relationship benefits, too, such as greater emotional intimacy and a lower divorce rate. And while there is no magic number when it comes to the ideal frequency of sex, there are scientific studies that suggest how often you should do it.

How often should you have sex

One study found that general well-being is linked to sexual frequency, but only up to a certain point. Couples who have moved from having no sex up to having sex once a week did not notice further improvement past this point. When looking at the frequency of sex in the 2010s, adults now have sex nine times per year less than in the 1990s. It could be because everyone now has increasingly busy lifestyles.

The average adult has sex about 54 times a year, equalling to once a week. Adults in their 20s have sex 80 times a year, while adults in their 60s have it 20 times a year. While frequency decreases as one grows old, sexual activity in older adults is still deemed important.

Health benefits of having more sex

It alleviates stress.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, sex might be the last thing you want to do. But if you can manage to get in the mood, sex can be the ultimate stress-reliever. When you have sex, your brain will be flooded with all sorts of feel-good chemicals, while the stress hormone cortisol is significantly reduced. Other hormones released during sex include dopamine, which impacts the brain’s pleasure and reward centres; endorphins, which is known to reduce pain and stress; and oxytocin, which is referred to as the cuddle hormone.

It can be a form of exercise.

Sex is not so different from having a workout. There are a number of studies that prove that sex is also a form of physical activity. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, sexual activity is equivalent to moderate physical activities like walking briskly or climbing two flights of stairs. What’s more, the movements associated with sex are found to tighten and tone abdominal pelvic muscles. This is beneficial for women as improved muscle tone results in better bladder control.

It helps you sleep better.

The National Sleep Foundation notes that orgasms release the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for helping you feel sleepy and relaxed. It’s why shortly after sex, you and your partner tend to doze off and wake up feeling refreshed. On the flip side, getting more sleep improves your sexual response and may increase your chances of engaging in frequent sex. Studies show that when women sleep for longer periods, they have heightened sexual desire the following day.

It reduces pain.

If you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, chronic back and leg pain, or even a migraine, sex may be the answer. According to one study, people who had headaches and migraines reported partial or total relief after having sex during an episode. It may be because the sensory input produced by vaginal stimulation generates a powerful analgesic effect. Additionally, the very scientist who coined the term G-spot found that the pressure of pleasurable vaginal stimulation increased pain tolerance by 40%. When women experience orgasm, it increases to 75%.

Long story short: if you want to be healthier, have sex more often. If you want to strengthen your erection and boost your sexual pleasure check us out at Royal Honey. Our honey are produced naturally using an exclusive ancient breed of bees from Yemen which pollinate aphrodisiac plants from Tropical South East Asia. Shop with us today to have better sex and more pleasure, we provide free shipping in Australia!

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