What Science Says About Women’s Preference on Penis Size

Size matters, but not as much as men think, studies say.

Is a large penis more appealing than a medium-sized model? What about a teeny-tiny penis? Is there any agreement on what penis size women like when it comes to getting down and dirty? Are men with large dicks the favoured model?

Penises may be more functional than appealing; however, straight men may be perplexed about what size penis women like and what factors contribute to an attractive penis. Grooming? Upkeep? Shape? Smoothness? Vascularity?

The long and short of it is that proportions matter when it comes to what makes a lovely penis attractive. And while there is no definitive “Golden Penile Ratio,” research reveals that penis girth may be more important than people believe when it comes to what constitutes a beautiful penis.

Whether you were born with a large or tiny penis, one with an average girth, one that is slender or thick, one with an asymmetrical dick or one that is straight as an arrow, remember that women appear to be more forgiving than males when it comes to what makes a penis beautiful.

According to one study, women regarded overall genital look and groomed pubic hair as the most relevant criteria in identifying what constitutes a pretty penis as the most important characteristics. Women didn’t distinguish between males with surgically repaired hypospadias (a condition in which the urethra opening is on the bottom of the head) and those with “normal-appearing,” i.e., conventionally handsome, circumcised penises. The knowledge may aid in the prevention of the development of shame or poor genital perceptions of penile appearance.

So, What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

Most recently, the largest comprehensive investigation into average penis sizes (over 15,000 respondents) was conducted in Great Britain. The study found that most men underestimate the size of their own penis. Only 2% of men in the study believed their penis was smaller than the “average” penis size; 25% thought their penis was longer than average, and a whopping 38% thought their penis was wider than that average.

In this study, women ranked penis size as the least important factor in determining what makes a pretty penis (the size of the man’s hands and feet were more important than dick size).

When asked what penis size they would prefer in a “long term” partner, most women rated the average penis size (5.5 inches erect, 4.8 inches flaccid) as ideal. 10% of women rated a larger penis as their “ideal” size; 10% of women would opt for a smaller penis, and the remaining women preferred a penis “somewhere in between.”

This study confirmed that women generally preferred longer penises but also found women preferred wider penises to longer models. In addition, the study confirmed that 60% of women found girth to be the most crucial factor in determining attractiveness.

Signs of an Attractive Penis

  • The girth-to-length ratio is absolutely great. In one research, 6.3 inches long and 4.3 inches around were determined to be optimal.
  • Most people prefer to get circumcised.
  • A well-groomed pubic hair goes a long way toward making a penis appear attractive.
  • Bigger is better for short-term connections. The average size is more manageable for long-term commitments.
  • It is attached to a trustworthy companion.

Most studies on women’s penis preferences have relied on two-dimensional images of penises and self-reports of prior experiences.


Ultimately, no one knows what makes a penis attractive to women. Men with big dicks, women with big boobs? Maybe it’s true, maybe not. Maybe all that really matters is that a penis is attached to a companion with whom she can have meaningful (and pleasurable) sex.

Regardless, it’s still important to remember that what makes a pretty penis is different for each person. No two penises are exactly alike, nor are any two people’s preferences.

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