The Basics of an Extended Orgasm and How to Achieve It

Sex is an activity that’s meant to be enjoyed with a relatively straightforward process: two people pleasure each other, until the peak occurs when orgasm happens. Orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, and it’s precisely the point why sex is done in the first place. While already pleasurable on its own, other people kick it up a notch by having an extended orgasm.

An extended orgasm is precisely what it sounds like: a prolonged orgasm that allows for prolonged pleasure can be enjoyed by both men and women and requires some unique sexual techniques.

Since not many people know this power, we’ll discuss everything about extended orgasms in this article. Read on below to get started.

More about Extended Orgasms

First and foremost, an extended orgasm is an orgasm that doesn’t feel like a peak or a release but rather a long-lasting euphoric feeling that could be felt throughout the body. The sensation can last for hours or even days.

In essence, it’s related to certain sexual-spiritual practices, such as:

Semen Retention

Semen retention is a practice where a man will intentionally not ejaculate during an orgasm. This practice is rooted in Taoism and Tantra and is based on the idea that a male’s semen is a resource that is the basis of life energy.

Sexual Transmutation

This is a practice where a person transforms sexual energy into creative energy believing that sex is more than just being physical. It can be used to achieve spiritual awakening or even achieve a higher level of consciousness. As such, it’s also related to feelings and spiritual and emotional connections.

Energy Orgasm

Also known as the non-sexual orgasm, this is similar to sexual transmutation because it goes beyond just the body. However, the difference lies in that it’s pure energy used instead of sexual energy.

Who Benefits More?

While both sexes can immensely benefit from an extended orgasm, women arguably benefit from it more than men. The energy gained from an extended orgasm can be used for spiritual and emotional healing. After sex, aftercare is often a necessity, such as in cuddling. The energy goes on, but this is often cut off when a person goes to sleep after the deed is done, which most men do.

Furthermore, the female orgasm is often a whole-body experience, which is not the case with the male orgasm. This makes the energy gained by an extended orgasm different between men and women.

Tips to Gain an Extended Orgasm

If you want to achieve an extended orgasm, here are some tips to help you:

Do Breathing Exercises

This is often done during Tantric sex, a spiritual practice that completely alters the perception of sex. Some practices involve breathing techniques, which will often allow you to reduce stress, which is commonly associated with sex. By reducing stress, you’d achieve a better orgasm.

Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvis, which goes a long way in achieving a greater orgasm. It also helps you gain more control over the muscles that help orgasm. Exercising these regularly will make you a better sexual partner and help you gain more control over an extended orgasm.

Try Edging Your Partner

Edging is the act of stimulating a person to the point where they want to orgasm but then back off from it. During this process, the stimulation is heightened, so it’s often referred to as orgasm control. Edging is an excellent technique during sex if you’re with a partner, so it’s worth trying.

Stimulate Various Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones refer to sexually sensitive spots found all over the body. Stimulate these areas for a better orgasm, which can also help you gain an extended orgasm.

Some of the most common erogenous zones include:

  • Clitoral – Clitoral stimulation can help you achieve a greater orgasm and is often one of the essential parts of the arousal process. By stimulating the clitoris, you’ll be able to achieve a more powerful orgasm.
  • Breasts – The feeling of nipples being stimulated triggers sexual arousal in both men and women. Stimulating the breasts will not only stimulate the nipples but will also stimulate the nipples’ nerve endings, which will help you achieve a greater orgasm.
  • The G-spot – Considered to be a vital part of a woman’s body, the G-spot is a sensitive area, which is located in the vagina. Stimulating this spot could help you achieve a fantastic orgasm simply because it gets to the heart of the matter.
  • The C-spot – Stimulating the c-spot leads to a cervical orgasm, which is in some ways better than any other type of orgasm for women. It takes more time to reach, but the process is often worth it because the orgasm is more intense.
  • Anal – For men, anal stimulation is often a part of foreplay. For women, it’s usually done during sex to help them reach orgasm. Both men and women can benefit from anal stimulation during sexual intercourse, but the experience can be limited if the recipient is not used to it.


An extended orgasm is a beautiful thing, but it can only be achieved through the practice of various techniques. One has to get comfortable with a partner before trying to reach an extended orgasm. It may be a lot of work, but the experience is well worth the effort because it’s not just the sex but the feelings and emotions accompanying it.

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