Why Can’t I Have a Firm Erection?

You might remember how easy it was for you to get and keep an erection in your teens. As you get older, though, you might find that what used to be somewhat effortless is quite difficult now. Some men even experience erectile dysfunction and their erections aren’t as hard as they would like or don’t last as long as it used to. 

If you notice that your erections aren’t as hard as you want, there are several things that you can try. But before you check those options, here are some things you need to know about why you’re having that problem in the first place:

What Makes Erections Hard?

When a penis goes hard, that’s thanks to blood flow. You see, when a man gets aroused, blood flows right into the vessels in the penis, filling two tubes in the penis known as corpus cavernosum. 

Similar to a water balloon, an influx of blood blows up the tubes and changes the soft and flaccid penis to one that’s longer and rigid. But as mentioned, blood flow is required for this so anything that can get in the way of good blood flow can make it hard for a man to get a proper erection.

What Could Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

1. Improper Blood Flow

The two main culprits that can affect blood flow are diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you’re suffering from either of these conditions, you’re at higher risk for impotence.

In fact, diabetes is the main culprit for erectile dysfunction and the reason why half of the men with the condition suffer from this problem. When you have diabetes, your body doesn’t properly distribute the glucose in your blood and your penis is one of the first organs to feel the effects. The poor blood flow can cause your penis to lose its ability to get hard or to stay hard.

Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease can have the same effect on blood flow as diabetes and can make it difficult to get an erection.

2. Nerve Damage

Most men who experience ED don’t have a physical reason for the problem. That means that something is going on with their sex drive or the ability to actually have an erection. The most common cause of this kind of ED is a problem with the nerves in the penis.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is stress and anxiety. Men who suffer from this type of condition may have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. This might be due to a psychological problem and not a physical one. So, if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, don’t just think that it’s always a physical problem.

What You Can Do About Your Erection Problem

The first step to getting a better erection is to make sure you’re healthy. Taking care of your body, getting regular check-ups with a healthcare provider, and staying up to date with annual physicals can help you maintain the best health possible. If something doesn’t feel right, let your doctor know about any underlying conditions that might be contributing to your ED. 


Erectile dysfunction is something you can’t just ignore, even if the symptoms are mild. If your erections are only mildly affected, it’s still a problem that you should address. Doing something about it now can help prevent problems in the future. For one, you can try proven erection pills like Royal Honey Australia. 

Royal Honey Australia can help you address your problem with erectile dysfunction. Give our natural erection pills today and experience the huge change!

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