Putting in a Hard Day’s Work: 5 Ways to Increase Men’s Fertility

Contrary to popular belief, infertility isn’t a problem in women. In about 20 per cent of infertile couples, the issue is solely the man’s responsibility. In effect, the couple loses the chance to conceive a child, leading to other relationship difficulties down the line.

However, there are various reasons causing infertility in men. A quick fertility test identifies them and provides possible solutions for the problems. Besides taking male enhancement products, men can try various ways to boost their potential in bed. 

1. More Antioxidants

Besides fighting free radicals, antioxidants also help boost a man’s fertility. In a study, experts pointed out that oxidative stress or the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body affects a man’s ability to reproduce. Meanwhile, certain physiological conditions induced by inflammation, obesity, or toxins may lead to DNA damage.

Therefore, if possible, a couple should aim for a higher antioxidant intake while trying to conceive a baby. They will have higher pregnancy rates, especially if men take additional antioxidants.

2. More Sex

Aiming to conceive a baby requires couples to have sex during the time of a woman’s ovulation. However, while waiting for their cycle to kick in, men can increase their fertility by having more sex before the woman’s period comes. 

The sperm’s health may benefit from abstinence. A study suggests that sperm motility peaks after a day of abstinence. The boost in the percentage of sperm movement will last for at least ten days before declining two days after.

3. Switch to a Healthier Diet

A healthy diet contributes to a boost in the fertility rate in men. Although the scientific evidence does not point directly to men’s fertility, it does link to having a healthy body to produce more sperm cells during intercourse.

The male reproductive organ relies on the nutrients and vitamins it receives. For best results, maintaining a diet consisting of eggs, spinach, bananas, maca roots, asparagus, and walnuts increases sperm count. Meanwhile, adding dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds for dessert may provide more boost to the body.

4. Avoid Vices

If women sacrifice their bodies for conceiving a child, the most men can do is offer their unhealthy pleasures for a while. For men who smoke cigarettes, a constant light may contribute to improper hormone release, which results in infertility. 

Meanwhile, men who can’t go a day without chugging a bottle or two can expect a decrease in sperm count and temporary impotence. Before trying to conceive a baby, avoid any vices that may affect how the reproductive system produces and releases sperm during intercourse.

5. No “Toxic” in the Workplace

Toxic in the workplace doesn’t refer to the stress after experiencing office duties. Instead, workers can find toxins on duty, such as in farms, paint jobs, and varnishing businesses.

Although the reason is unsure and may need more research, one factor might be the prolonged exposure of male workers to toxic chemicals—damaging their sperm cells in effect.


Conceiving a baby is a milestone for men and women. Both parties should contribute to the success of the endeavour. As the process requires a couple to do their best to produce the healthiest sperm and egg cell possible, a man and a woman should take care of their bodies and practice necessary changes until the right time comes.

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