The Miracle that is Bee Pollen: How It Affects Sexual Health

Because of the stress and business of daily life that people are subjected to, having a healthy sex life is paramount. There are many ways to spice things up in the bedroom! However, one obscure food fact is that bee pollen can work wonders on sexual (and overall) health!

Not many people know that the use of bee pollen as a superfood has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks! It was believed to be a miracle food and was called ambrosia, or life-giving dust. The ancients knew what they were talking about when they used it as a tonic to boost energy and enhance libido. This blog post will share vital information as to why you can still use bee pollen like the Ancient Greeks did to improve your sexual health!

The Miracle that is Bee Pollen: How It Affects Sexual Health

Bee pollen has many different benefits. It can help people from both sexes get increased satisfaction from sex as well as improve their sexual health in the process.

Bee Pollen Benefits for Men

Here is a list of the benefits bee pollen can offer to men who want to improve their sex lives and reproductive health. 

1 – Natural Libido Booster

Bee pollen contains a lot of zinc. Sex drive and zinc have a special connection which means that bee pollen can work wonders for men who want to experience an increase in libido.

2 – Helps with Erectile Dysfunction

A number of studies have shown that the use of bee pollen in the treatment of erectile dysfunction has proved to be successful for men between the ages of 20 and 50. After only two months of using bee pollen, these men have shown a significant improvement in their sex lives. 

3 – Eases the Pain of Prostate Inflammation

When men reach middle age, they have an increased risk of an inflamed prostate. Bee pollen has been known to help ease the pain associated with prostate inflammation, shrink the prostate and help sex become enjoyable once again.

Bee Pollen Benefits for Women

On the other hand, here is a list of how women may be able to benefit from using bee pollen to improve their sexual and reproductive health. 

1 – Help with the Complications of Menopause

The loss of libido is known to affect women undergoing menopause. Luckily, the use of bee pollen may help ease the discomfort of these symptoms and help women enjoy sex. 

2 – Increase Metabolism

For many women, it is difficult to truly enjoy sex if they do not feel confident in the way they look. Bee pollen can increase metabolism, which may help women reach their target weight and have more satisfaction with their partner during sex.

3 – Improves Fertility

Another effect bee pollen may have is that it can increase the levels of oestrogen, which stimulates ovarian function. This can be a great help for women who are trying to conceive. 


The benefits mentioned above only scratch the surface of how bee pollen can – directly and indirectly – affect your sex life. Rather than painfully accept and live with conditions that hinder you from enjoying your sex life, you can do as the Greeks did and use bee pollen!

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