Natural Aphrodisiac: How Honey Can Make Your Love Life Sweeter

Everybody knows what honey is. In fact, you might have a bottle right in your home ready for when you want to spread it on toast or match it with your gingerbread.

But did you know that honey is also regarded as Aphrodite’s nectar? As Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, honey has been considered a stimulant since 500 BC. When Palestine was called the “land of milk and honey” in the Bible, it was because it was rich in blessings and fertility.

Even in France, it is believed that bee stings work like an aphrodisiac. Honey was also mentioned in the classic book Kama Sutra.

The question is, could honey taste delicious and give you better sex life? Is honey truly an aphrodisiac? Royal Honey Australia gives you the answer:

Sexual Health Benefits of Taking Honey

Since ancient times, people have been using honey as a lubricant for making love. In the Victorian era, it was thought that honey was an excellent aphrodisiac to use during lovemaking. Here are some of the benefits of honey for sexual health:

1. It’s a Natural Stimulant of Sexual Response

Honey is a natural stimulant of sexual response because of its principal ingredient known as fructose. Fructose serves as a natural stimulant by exciting the sex hormones, testosterone, and estrogen. With higher levels of testosterone and estrogen, a person will feel more sexually excited.

2. It Helps Relieve Erectile Difficulties

Based on an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, consuming honey has been proven to keep erectile dysfunction from happening. Erectile dysfunction is when a man has difficulty in getting or keeping an erection during sexual activity.

3. It Can Help Treat Premature Ejaculation

Honey has also been proven to improve sexual endurance. It is due to the fructose content in honey, which allows the body to endure more prolonged sexual activity.

The fructose in honey increases the body’s levels of testosterone and estrogen. With higher levels of testosterone and estrogen, the body will produce more red blood cells. The extra red blood cells will be used to supply energy to the muscles, which means you will have increased stamina.

4. Increases Fertility

When honey is regularly consumed, it will increase fertility in men. The high fructose content of honey will also increase the production of sperms and testosterone, which are very important for a man’s fertility.

Honey is also thought to increase fertility in women because of its fructose content. It helps to regulate the hormones in the body to improve stimulation, blood circulation, and ovulation.

5. It Enhances Libido

Taking honey can also enhance libido or sexual desire in both men and women. So if you think your romance with your partner is getting a little stale, you might want to consider taking supplements to help them.


Honey has been considered an aphrodisiac since ancient times. It is due to its fructose content and other nutrients and amino acids, which increase sexual appetite and energy.

Royal Honey Australia is a natural and healthy product that you can use anywhere and anytime. It has many sugar-like benefits and some desirable aphrodisiac effects. For those that want to enjoy the good vibes, Royal Honey Australia is the way to go.

For longer orgasms and other sexual benefits, Royal Honey Australia is a product that you should try. Order yours today and see for yourself why this product received stellar reviews!

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