Delicious, Sweet Honey: Uses You May Want to Know About

We have all drizzled more honey than we should on our salad or pancakes in the past. It is a natural sweetener that doesn’t taste half bad even right out of the bottle! Even if you do not find yourself particularly akin to the taste of honey, there are many ways to use it. While it is a staple on many-a-table, there is seemingly no shortage of ways to enjoy this sweet treat. This blog post will outline some of the lesser-known uses of honey so you can try them for yourself!

Delicious, Sweet Honey: Uses You May Want to Know About

There are many varieties of honey, some sweeter than others and with different viscosities and thicknesses. With all the types of honey available, there are just as many (or even more!) ways that you can put this sweet product to good use!

Here is a list of different ways you can use honey. 

1 – Crystalised and Creams

While pouring or drizzling honey onto your food may be the norm, chefs have discovered that it can be turned into crystallised or creamed versions of itself. Crystalised and creamed honey can be used in all sorts of recipes and dishes as garnishes or incorporated into the dish itself!

2 – As a Way to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

Many people think of honey as a sweet treat but are unaware that it contains antiseptic properties. This gives honey the power to help you heal and get relief from your sore throat and recover more quickly. Just take a teaspoon of honey with some warm water, and you will feel better in no time!

3 – Infused Honey

To enhance the taste of honey, it can be infused with all sorts of different herbs and spices. This type of honey may be great for the tabletop, to be added to bread and pastries during tea time or dessert. 

4 – As Part of Your Skincare Regimen

Since honey has healing properties, it is a great ingredient that can be used in skincare products! Honey is also known to contain a large amount of antioxidants, which help delay the effects of skin aging and help people retain younger-looking skin for longer. 

5 – Cook with It!

You can add honey to different recipes, both sweet and savoury. Honey can be a great way to strike a balance when it comes to tastes and flavours that seem to be too sharp on the tongue. If you need an extra layer of sweetness, instead of reaching for the sugar, try honey instead!

6 – As a Way to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Many are unaware that honey can also improve your sex life! Taking honey supplements can help you last longer in the bedroom and make your significant other significantly happier. 


In the past, you would never have heard of drizzling honey on freshly baked pizzas or using it in recipes as an alternative to sugar. However, people are getting more and more creative with their use of honey. If you are planning to experiment with honey, whether in a new recipe or in your beauty routine, it is best that you buy only high-quality stuff. This will ensure that all your experiments will turn out to be the best they can be. 

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